New Recruit-A-Friend Mount!

Once again, WoW has outdone themselves by offering players an incredible Recruit-a-Friend mount in exchange for their friend’s payment of at least one full month of WoW. Depending on the faction of the character you choose it for, this new mount is either a ghost gryphon or a wind rider. Like the X-53 Touring Rocket and the Obsidian Nightwing before it, this mount is certain to become an instant classic.

Steps to Getting Your Spectral Mount

You must first recruit a new friend to play using the Recruit-a-Friend mechanism. This friend will get a week to play with you before deciding if it’s right for them or not. They will then have to decide whether to stop playing altogether or purchase the entire game. You and your friend will enjoy enhanced leveling advantages during your time together, including summoning and 300% additional experience! With all of this, you and your friend will level up quickly and be close to creating a new character with the highest possible level.

Receiving the Mount in Game

You can check your rewards in the account management section of the website once your friend has paid for a full month of World of Warcraft. You may obtain your brand-new Spectral Gryphon or Spectral Wind Rider by simply selecting which character you want to transfer the mount to. Because of how chilly and nearly transparent these mounts are, it may seem as though the player is floating in the air. What are you waiting for—inviting a buddy is a lot of fun and simple to do? In the brand-new expansion, Mists of Pandaria, a ton of prizes are waiting for you and your pal!

Check out the entire FAQ for more details on the Recruit-a-Friend mount. If not, you can start recruiting right now and ask a buddy to travel with you to Azeroth.

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