Getting Ahead in Mists of Pandaria – Quickest Ways to Level to 90

Players were left to figure out how to level up their characters the quickest after Mists of Pandaria was released. Along with your typical questing, there are dungeons that always seem to move along fairly quickly. Additionally, players can line up for PVE or battlefield scenarios. However, there is one method that levels up more quickly than the others.

WoW Mimic

This company creates a fantastic WoW bot that can perform a wide range of tasks for you. With WoW Mimic, you can level up your character or their professions, earn gold, or grind honor or justice points. When you are not using your computer, all of this may be quickly automated, allowing you to resume living your real life. In WoW, you have plenty of time to complete your tasks because they have already been completed for you. For the indisputable quickest way to level up to 90, get WoW Mimic.

Questing or Queuing

Players must decide if they wish to quest it without a bot or dungeon queue up to 90 characters. Because tanks are always needed, players that are tanks can continuously grind high level monsters for experience on an instant queue. Although this is undoubtedly quicker than questing, non-tank players won’t be able to queue up as quickly. For this reason, if you’re determined to complete your levels without using bots, it’s preferable to merely quest. However, WoW bots greatly simplify everything in the game. Turn the bot on and keep leveling if you’re finished and don’t want to deal with it right away! With the new version of WoW Mimic, players will be able to level up faster than before, so be sure to get your copy of the bot right away!

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