Horde and Alliance Pandaren Introductions

The new race introduced for Mists of Pandaria is the Pandaren. The Wandering Isle, which turns out to be a giant turtle, is where players will begin the game. The player controls which group their Pandaren will join after they have interacted with both the Horde and the Alliance in their own land.

Horde Pandaren Introduction

Both classes can progress through Wandering Isle’s whole map, bringing them to a level of roughly 12 or 13. The opportunity to interact with both groups will allow players to determine which is best for them. As they strive to extract resources from this uncharted isle, the true natures of the Alliance and Horde are revealed. It becomes evident that in the world of Azeroth, there is no ultimate good. Garrosh Hellscream and the King of the Humans are engaged in an unending conflict in the game. The leveling process on this island was quite fast and enjoyable because it allowed gamers to participate in a variety of activities. Ji Firepaw even attempts to remove the Horde ship at one point by blowing a sizable hole in the Wandering Isle, but the blood is already streaming. The guardian turtle must then be protected while the island’s medics urgently try to close the wound. Try the new zone created especially for the new Pandaren race if you desire a thrilling leveling experience!

Alliance Pandaren Introduction

Aysa Cloudbringer will accompany the Pandaren of the Alliance to Stormwind, where they will participate in a brief trial to demonstrate their worth. The Alliance has a much warmer attitude toward their new brothers. With a swarm of demons, Garrosh Hellscream makes an attempt to vanquish the newly arrived Pandaren. Garrosh claims that he is testing the Pandaren, but it is obvious that his true motivation is vengeance. Ji Firepaw will keep an eye on all Pandaren that decide to join the Horde.

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