New Tier Sets for Mists of Pandaria

The new Mists of Pandaria armor sets are fantastic! By eliminating bosses, exchanging tokens and valor points, and beating bosses, devoted raiders will be able to get the entire set. You can still improve while using this fantastic gear because it can now be upgraded for valor points!


The colors of the Druid’s armor are incredibly stunning, and his mask resembles a wolf. It retains the Pandaria tradition of having two distinct shoulder parts alive.


The Hunter set is amazing. It appears to be formed almost completely of skulls, with enormous horns protruding from the helmet. A entire animal skull appears to be embedded in one of the shoulders.


The Shaman’s Firebird set is also very attractive. The blazing appearance that everyone envisions when they think of a Shaman is given by this. I appreciate the pattern on the bottom of the robe or kilt piece even though the shoulders and head are ordinary.


Despite the fact that I enjoy the look of this set, I feel a little too eastern for it. What truly puts me off of it is the hat. If I were a monk, I suppose I’d just hide my helm. The shoulders are nice, but I prefer the bead design.


Another instance of amazing armor with an odd helmet is the Priest’s outfit. Just conceal your helm, and you’ll look fantastic like the other sets. The shoulders are amazing; they appear to be formed of plate!


Rogue’s set is quite awesome. I suppose that I find it a little too stereotypically Rogue, but I still like it. Despite the fact that this one looks practically wicked, I dig the helmet!


Of course, the Warlock set is the coolest. What about that helmet? You yourself appear to be a devil, which is awesome! I adore every aspect of this outfit, including the shoulders, the belt, and the bottom of the robe. I wish I had a Warlock of my own. 🙁

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