Druid WoW Rotations PvP Ready

Mists of Pandaria, which was recently released, gave druids a new ability. As one of their fourth tier talents, they can now choose Incarnation, which is considerably more than just a DPS cool down. Players will adopt an armored version of the animal associated with their specialization, which deals more damage and has other fascinating benefits. All Druids who pick the talent will undoubtedly find this to be a crucial cooldown.

Son of Ursoc

You transform into a bear and acquire epic armor when you use this ability in the Guardian specialty. The cool down on Growl and all melee damage abilities is lowered by transformation. You will never have threat issues with this because Growl’s cool down has been lowered all the way to 1.5 seconds! With the Son of Ursoc talent, Berserk is a fantastic threat and damage cool down that stacks exceptionally effectively.

King of the Jungle

Druids with the feral specialization will change into an armored cat with numerous improved skills. This enables all skills that ordinarily require stealth available throughout the cool down period. This includes the stealth skill itself, which you can employ against King of the Jungle. By shifting into this unique state, you can use Ravage without worrying about your adversaries’ positions and deal a ton of damage to them.

Chosen of Elune

Finally, the Balance druid will become an Elune’s Chosen and acquire epic armor. As a result, you deal substantially more arcane and natural damage when in the eclipse condition. Pop additional DPS cool downs in addition to this one, and you’ll quickly move up the Recount list. Although there are other excellent alternatives in the tier, the Druid will probably value a long cool down more often than not. Visit the Druid talent Incarnation right now!

Armored Bear Forms

Armored Cat Forms

Armored Moonkin Forms

Armored Forms

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