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Two new battlegrounds were released alongside Mists of Pandaria we are now back onto WOTLK and even Dragonflight now for players to use. Due to the lack of new battlegrounds in the last expansion, Blizzard has reverted to its prior practice of consistently releasing new ones. Both of the new battlegrounds have unused goals that WoW users might have never seen before.

Silvershard Mine

The low level zone Stranglethorne Vale is where this famous battleground is located. Players will attempt to get their cart from point A to point B as rapidly as they can along the tracks. Defensive players have many options for slowing the cart’s progress, such as flipping switches to extend the route. It will take some careful player management to complete all of a team’s tasks on the playing field because the cart will only move if offensive players are close to it. The switch points are crucial to the map since they let players choose which direction the track will travel. This concept of a battleground is new to World of Warcraft and is currently doing well.

Temple of Power

Finally, World of Warcraft is able to play in the standard Murderball manner. In the center of the map is a secret artifact that players will want to hang onto. One takes greater damage from the ball the longer they hold it. In order to keep the player alive, healers will need to put in a lot of effort. The fact that players score more points for their team as they get closer to the map’s center is an intriguing twist that Blizzard has added to the battlefield concept. So while you can easily win in the middle, the likelihood that you will die is also significantly larger. Your team will need to design a winning strategy by weighing the risks and rewards.

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Tol’vir Proving Grounds is a brand-new arena map that was also added by Blizzard. This Uldum map has a relatively straightforward layout. Similar to the Nagrand arena map, four pillars are positioned all across this one. The recent expansion has marginally altered resilience. Players will now start off with a low base resilience level, just like any other stat that increases with level. This should make the transition into PVP for players without equipment simpler.

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