Vale of Eternal Blossoms Preview

In the most recent expansion, Mists of Pandaria, the Vale of Eternal Blossoms was made available. This zone has a new capital city for each party, making it the new gathering place. These new capitol cities will undoubtedly be where your character spends the most of its time, much like Shattrath was in BC and Dalaran was in WotLK. You should be spending less and less time in Mists of Pandaria, though, because there is so much to do there!

Missing NPC’s

In Vale of Eternal Blossoms, you can often find everything your character needs in their capital city, but there are a few things you’ll need to go beyond the city for. Your class instructor is the first of these. If you require a class trainer, you can simply return to Stormwind or Orgrimmar using one of the many portals in the city. Players now pick up skills instantly, therefore class trainers mostly just reset talents and specializations. You will also need to travel outside of town to buy equipment using PVP or PVE currency. The Townlong Steppes is where the majority of these sellers are found. There is one quartermaster in the city who has a variety of equipment, but you’ll need to go outside to collect all the equipment accessible. Players may now maintain the fantastic appearance of their gear by using transmogrification and void storage in the city. Although there is a bank, the absence of the Auction House will likely be the primary factor in your decision to port back to the old territories. Since profession trainers are dispersed around Pandaria, finding them will be challenging. The guards can point you in their direction, but this is still an innovative concept as Blizzard often just places all of these NPCs in the capital city. The new expansion has given rise to more innovative concepts for traveling and experiencing the world. So get out there and begin exploring Pandaria right away!

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