Mists of Pandaria Flying Mounts – Cloud Serpent Mount

Pandaria is home to an extinct race known as the Cloud Serpents. By completing quests for the Order of the Cloud Serpent, it is your responsibility to assist the Pandaren in saving these majestic creatures. Today, by completing daily missions and becoming exalted with this new faction, you can obtain your very own Cloud Serpent.

Beginning Quests

You will be required to travel to the Windward Isle in the Jade Forest when you initially begin this faction’s quests. The Saurok invasion of the Cloud Serpents’ homeland is being repelled by them bravely. These lizard men are the cause of the Cloud Serpents’ declining population since they steal their eggs. You’ll be asked to aid out the serpents by slaughtering several Saurok. You will be able to choose a Cloud Serpent of your very own in gold, azure, or jade if you have completed several quests for them.

Rising to Exalted

Your hatchling will have developed into an adult Cloud Serpent by the time you reach respected. As you race to the finish line against other members of the order, the questing gets more fun! Numerous more quests that you can begin at this point include the typical daily tasks as well as fight with the master riders. If you discover any Onyx Eggs, you can accelerate the rate at which you level your reputation. These things only spawn on Windward Isle and are worth 500 reputation with the Order of the Cloud Serpent. You will need to mill these eggs and submit them for rep if you want to reach exalted quickly.

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