WoW Battleground Bots for PvP

Silvershard Mine Battleground Preview

Blizzard has been thinking about the Silvershard Mine as a potential battleground for a very long time. In order to get a cart from point A to point B, the offensive players will try their best. To help the cart travel, certain members of the offensive team must remain with it. The battle for important capture points with rail road switches must be waged by everyone else. This means that if players want the cart to get at its destination faster or slower, they must either utilize or forget to use the switches. After the offense has finished, the defense will have a chance to take it, and if a tie remains, a tie-breaking round will decide the winner. As it takes place in Stranglethorne Veil, where the Horde and Alliance are battling for more resources for their respective populations, this is guaranteed to be an interesting battleground.

Temple of Kotmogu Battleground Preview

Players have been clamoring for a classic PVP concept in WoW, and this battleground finally gives them what they want. Murderball is the name of the play’s genre, and it pretty much explains itself. If the ball is picked up, each side will score points for their respective teams. This ball is in the center of the map, exactly halfway between both factions’ spawn places. This ball gradually causes more harm to anyone who touches it. The ball holder needs to be healed in order to keep the ball for as long as they can. The closer the player’s team is to the middle of the map, the more points are awarded by this ball, which is actually an old Mogu artifact. This means that teams will have to decide whether to keep the ball secure at their spawning point or score more by remaining in the middle and engaging in combat!

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